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We put money back into your pockets

All the Memories... none of the fee's


isting your rental propertyshouldn't be so expensive. After all, the point of having a rental property is suppose to put money back into your pockets, right?

About Our Pricing

With us, we don't charge you any additional fee's to list with us. Instead, we simply charge you a monthly fee to list your property with us. Any money you make on your property is yours to keep.

We Put Money In Your Pockets

Here are the benefits of listing with us.

  1. No Service Fees
  2. No Owner Fees
  3. No Booking Fees
  4. No Departure Fees
  5. No Processing Fees
  6. No Parking Fees

Sound to good to be true already? Wait, there is more.

  • We notify your buyers for you with check in and check out times
  • We offer your a premium website listing that ranks globally on search engines
  • We offer customer support
  • We help build your condo reviews so that renters are more likely to rent again from you
  • We send out email marketing emails to increase potential rentals
You only live once, why not make it a vacation?

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No Service Fees

No Owner Fees

No Booking Fees

No Departure Fees

No Processing Fees

No Parking Fees

***These fees add up from 10%to 20%
of every booking. This gives the customer less money to spend on vacation and costs the owner money he could be using for updating property or savings he could pass on to the customers.

With your savings, how about
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Ozo Golf Club is one of the most modern high tech golf courses in northern Europe and the very first 18-hole course in Latvia.

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